UCD Centre for Disability Studies

The UCD Centre for Disability Studies (UCDCDS) supports a large range of research studies  Research on social inclusion is one of the centre’s many research strands. Dr Geraldine Boland and Professor Suzanne Guerin completed three studies on the social inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities in their neighbourhoods between 2017 and 2020. 

KARE- promoting inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities

KARE is an innovative and progressive Irish organisation that provides services and supports for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

KARE supports children and adults in a wide range of ways, including education, employment, sports and leisure, lifelong learning, health and wellbeing activities and many areas of interest to individuals. Supports are delivered through a network of 13 local services and an outreach service. KARE’s community houses are located throughout the catchment area, providing a home in which individuals are supported to live the best life possible. Supports in the area of physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, social work, psychology, behaviour support and occupational therapy are available through the KARE Clinical Supports Service.  KARE’s catchment area is Mid-South Kildare, East Offaly and West Wicklow.