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  1. Definition of social inclusion
  2. Connecting locally- valued social roles checklist
  3. Self-advocacy on accessibility course- Trainers Manual 

Definition of social inclusion

Dr Geraldine Boland and Professor Suzanne Guerin published this definition of social inclusion in neighbourhoods/localities for adults with intellectual disabilities in 2021. It was an outcome of a review of the international literature and two Irish research studies on social inclusion completed for Dr Boland’s doctoral research.  It is available at in a journal article at Please quote its citation below if you wish to use it. You can also download this definition as a pdf using the link below. 

Definition of social inclusion Boland & Guerin, 2021 .pdf
Connecting Locally: Valued Social Role Checklist

This checklist is intended for staff or family members who are supporting an individual with intellectual disability to find a valued social role in their locality. Some social roles are better than others when it comes to meeting new people. This checklist will help you to find one that leads to making more connections locally.  You can download this checklist as a pdf using the link below.

Checklist for Valued social roles May 2023 Boland and Potter_.pdf

Self-advocacy and accessibility course- Training Manual 

This training manual is intended for staff/ trainers in service provider and advocacy organisations supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

This course was developed by KARE and the UCD Centre for Disability Studies.

The guide is intended to provide a summary of what was included in a course titled Self-advocacy and Accessibility, which was designed by Anne-Marie Potter, Ciara Byrne and Dr Geraldine Boland and run in 2022. 
A full presentation about the course content by Anne-Marie Potter and Ciara Byrne is available in a recording of an international webinar on the video page of this  website, titled: Webinar 2 Connecting Locally, dated May 10th. 2023. 

Self-Advocacy Course Training Manual final pdf.pdf